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" Matching the right nutrients in the right amounts with the right activity levels and intensities with relaxation = being in balance to reach your goals. The trick is figuring out what this is for you and applying that



My name is Aida Tekle and welcome to Aida's Balanced Nutrition! My passion is to help you improve your health by reducing health complaints, increasing energy and, if desired, lose body fat. I can help you figure out the components nutrition, digestion, immune system, exercise, and supplements of the puzzle shown above.

How I can help

Examples of health related issues I can help you with: fatigue, high bloodpressure, insulinresistance, diabetes type 2, high cholesterol, hormone related problems like adrenal fatigue, high cortisol, and thyroid problems.

Clients  often               have a lot of knowledge about healthy food. And yet they have trouble applying this knowledge. This is where I can help through nutritional coaching. To help you achieve healthy habits for life.


I currently offer the possbility of Orthomolecular Therapy consults . Due to an additional course that I followed, I can now also call myself  Orthomolecular Childrenscoach. The  services offered are the same as Orthomolecular Therapy.

You can get partial reimbursement from your health insurance!

What is Orthomolecular Epigenetic Therapy?

Orthomolecular therapy strives to achieve optimal concentrations of biochemical substances in the body to support the natural healing mechanisms of the body.  The goal is to help the body function optimally.

Epigenetics looks at how (social) environmental factors can affect  your health and the activity of genes (good and bad)  you've inherited from your parents and grandparents.


If you are interested in finding out whether I can help you, send me an email, or schedule a free one-time consult of 15 min.  Free of charge. No strings attached :-)

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