Orthomolecular Epigenetic Therapist

Trainer Hormonefactor

Nutritional coach


My journey into the field of nutrition and health started in 2009 when I was researching how to maintain my current weight without being hungry. I had been overweight for all of my youth and had lost weight. In my research I  came across information with regards to hormones and how they influence our appetite, satiety and metabolism.

Since then I have followed both Dutch and North-American courses in the field of orthomolecular therapy, hormonal inbalances and nutritional coaching.

Even though I have a Master of Science degree in International Business Administration (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and Rotterdam School of Management) and had been working for an IT company, I decided to follow my heart and make the transition to   make  it my job to  naturally help  people improve their health. 3 years later I made the decision to start my own practice.

I continue to follow courses in this field to learn more and keep my knowledge upt to date, which I love to do!

Back to "about me". :-) After giving birth to 2 children, I too faced the challenges of a young mother having to combine being a mother, working far from home, being a wife and managing a househould and social life. And lets not forget about getting back in shape after 2 pregnancies!

These experiences have taught me more about stress and its influence on the body, cravings and appetite! But also about loving myself and being comfortable in my changed body.  I see it all as a learning experience and use this experience to help  my cliënts.

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